Take your dog stay to the next level with our STAY & TRAIN service. Adult dogs staying 10+ days will receive training three times (20 min each) a day to learn Basic on Leash commands: sit, stay, come, down, heel. We also teach how to walk properly on a leash with no pull.

We utilize positive reinforcement methods with treats, play or toys.

Towards the end of the training period, we will require that you the owner come on site and learn how to handle your dog properly so you can continue at home.

Dog has to be 9+ months of age and have good disposition (not extreme aggressive)

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Drop In Lesson

$400 to initiate and $40/lesson (10 lessons reccommended)

Basic On Leash Obedience-Stay & Learn

$400 to initiate and $40/lesson (10 lessons reccommended)